Your Freedom

Go Your Own Way.


The eagle is the sign of perception, swiftness, and most importantly, freedom. There is a reason it is the standing symbol to the United States.

The Red Pill is a guide to many, to some a final answer, to others a cop out. I hope to prove that the Red Pill is true, something worth acknowledging.

While I cannot fight on my own, I will offer life advice, wisdom, and philosophy, in good faith that you will use it to better your life. The only true way, is the one you choose. Your own way.

– E.

Your Freedom

A True Test of My Philosophy.

It has been quite some time since I have written any new materials. Much has changed since then, too. I know I am choosing a late time at night to write this, but it just came to mind after receiving various negative remarks about my blog.

As I venture out into the world for the first time, I am faced with a unique set of challenges; a couple of which I will discuss here.

One change: I got a job last month. I was surprised by this occurrence, given that I am a High School dropout, 12th year. My search lasted a mere two months; I was expecting at least five.

The job involves me working around a pool: Testing chemicals, printing documents, and the like. Pacing varies by day but is generally slow to moderate and the tasks are marked off on a checklist as I go. One of the aforementioned challenges is a direct result of me working in this position.

Most of my coworkers are women.

Since I regularly run between the deck and offices, this means I am in regular contact with attractive females of various sizes, though mostly skinny to average size. They also tend to wear 1 piece swimsuits around the clock, and certainly during the entirety of my shift.

This is an interesting environment to work in, as it allows me the time to check out the ladies. However, it also tempts me to approach them and socialize, which is distracting and ultimately leaves me at risk.

It is a bodily reaction, mostly. I do not actively wish to interact with these women; it simply happens, no matter how much I attempt to keep myself in line. This typically leads to moderate depression (and not the least of which hampers my ability to perform my duties).

I knew to go in that this would be a problem, but the lack of requirements for experience or credentials was worth the trade.

I was never put into a situation where my philosophy would be challenged so harshly (and arguably by my own hand, if not certainly so) over such an extended amount of time (often between 5 to 6 hours) before. A true test, and one that I seldom pass with flying colors.

I refined my views over this time. I know how I can change in an instant, and one mistake can cost me dearly. I never did fully train myself out of the habit of chasing, even if it is in the most fleeting and often superfluous manner.

I must endure. My life and financial security depend on it.

Seeing as I threw myself into the deep end (pun intended) working this position, I know I will have a difficult time keeping myself under control, especially when I have to juggle depression, loneliness, and self-inflicted pressure to level up in life.

One step at a time.

There is one thing, reader, that I wish for you to take away from this: Your beliefs will be challenged, quite often even. Be sure to understand that you must be open to new viewpoints; it helps you grow intellectually. The world has many trials, a number of which can be deadly for various reasons.

Stand your ground, or die trying.

Your Freedom

No Man is His Own Island… Right?

I find the saying “No Man is his Own Island” to be curious, very much so to warrant my writing of this short blog post.

The first question I want to address is, “Is this true?” To that, I say it depends. Some men are truly comfortable and happy with being alone. Do I feel the same way? On most days, yes. Socializing feels incredibly awkward and often times tiring. I prefer the solace of my bedroom, barely ever leaving the house unless I need something.

In other words, I have lived in social isolation ever since I dropped out of high-school just over a year ago. There are benefits and drawbacks, just like anything else in life. For one, I don’t have to deal with other people’s personalities. Another is that awkward social interaction are only a very rare occurrence, as I am not the most socially adept person alive.

The drawbacks are almost negligible, the only one being a distinct lack of the aforementioned social interactions that I’m so opposed to. I know that sounds odd, but even chronic introverts like I must speak sometimes right? Despite the fact that I can barely remember my own name sometimes.

However, while I benefit mostly positively from my completely optional isolation, the same cannot truly be said of others. Some people want to socialize, but simply can’t due to anxiety or other disorders.

If you want to be alone, that means you will have more time for yourself to work on your goals or, if nothing else, unwind after a tough day.

Would I recommend this lifestyle to other people? Well… Maybe. It depends on your situation and personality. Just remember that being alone on your own island is not always a bad thing, at least in moderation.

Your Freedom

Your Taste In Music Matters

This topic isn’t directly related to the traditional (if generic) version of the Red Pill, but it’s a topic I’ve been wanting to cover for some time.

Music is so commonplace that I would be comfortable claiming that 99.9% of people in developed areas of any kind listens to some form of it. Hell, even people without technology listens to music, usually via drums or flutes.

Let me start by saying, you don’t have to pretend to like her music. I personally find artists like Nikki Minaj to be absolutely abhorrent, to the point where going deaf is almost a desirable alternative. If your girlfriend listens to this, well… I might be atheist, but I pray for you.

All jokes aside, let this be a small topic for us to discuss. I’ll even go the extra mile and explain how I got into this music.

We’ll start with electronic and Dubstep, since it’s been my longest running favorite genre. It just always resonated with me, the beats, the attitude, everything. I’ve been listening to it since middle school, at least that’s as far as I can remember. Why? My Little Pony of course. That show actually is the reason for my musical tastes and hobbies.

Next is my more recently acquired taste, which is death metal and its various subtypes.

I like this music for a combination of reasons, consisting of but not limited to: Wanting to see the world burn, not quite growing out of my angsty teen years, and because I too resonate with it.

You see, it was a strange occurrence, being a hardcore christian not too long prior, so I was scared of it at first. I had to ease into it with instrumentals, then eventually light-hearted lyrics, then within the span of weeks if not a bit shorter did I start to become a headbanger. I don’t regret it.

The funny thing is my parents would always tell me to branch out and find different musical tastes, but they had mixed feelings about what I chose.

Why is this important to the Red Pill? It’s pretty simple.

Don’t let women, men, or anyone who claims to be in between force you out of what you like. I don’t care if you’re a bloke that listens to Nikki or Five Finger Death Punch, people will judge you, but you better not let them influence you. The whole point of MGTOW is to give society the middle finger; maybe not even that, but to at least be indifferent as much as possible.

I used to get teased for listening to My Little Pony dubstep (despite how the name sounds it’s actually pretty cool. Here’s an example from Soundcloud.) But you know what I did instead? I told them to 🖕🏼off, of course. After a while, I had my own group of friends, my own clique, my own army. Those bullies thought twice.

Take the world by storm men.

What’s your favorite kind of music, and why? Were you ever openly judged for it? If so, how did you respond? Tell me below.

Your Freedom

Women Can Have Kids But Can’t Drink Until 21?

At least in the US.

This is a topic that was suggested to me by a friend about a month ago but I never got around to it until now.

Let me start by saying: What the hell government. What type of message are you sending, implying that drinking is somehow a larger responsibility than nurturing a life? A girl can have children at the consenting age of 18 (which almost never goes well, obviously) which puts future generations in peril as those high school sweetheart relationships seldom end in marriage or even on a good note.

I am not quite so sure on how to go about this topic without sounding like a frenzied fool. Considering that these western 18 year olds can barely tie their own shoes or even raise themselves, you’re saying they can raise kids?

In my opinion, no one should be allowed to father nor mother a child until at least their mid twenties. At least they may have their stuff together and a stable situation, including (hopefully) being more mature by then.

If we can’t drive until 18, or leave school (most often referred to as prison, rightly so) until 18, or drink until 21, or can’t even legally screw until 18, why are these people able to have kids? You know, the very things that shapes the future of our society, and has a more close-knit impact than drinking?

Government is unashamedly stupid. It really is. What does it know about priorities, pray tell?

And let me guess, as soon as we even put some kind of law in place so that we can protect our future generations, we get hit with “My body my choice!”

I’m done here.

Do you think they should employ a parenting age? If so, how high should it be? Tell me below.

Your Freedom

Men Are Being Destroyed

A couple of days ago, I viewed a video of Tucker Carlson tonight, which he went on to explain what the male crisis is, like men being leas likely to marry, more likely to drop out of the work force, and so on.

My Opinions

This is really not surprising in the slightest. The plights of men rarely receive media attention, and when it does its often portrayed as “The spawns of Satan!” And is usually followed by equally as contrived responses.

If you ask me, men won’t get the assistance they need to get back on their feet. Worse yet men had the ability to shut this down before it got this bad, but we don’t utilize it!

It still bothers me that, back in history, men truly held the Apple of Eden, the one true force to completely stop feminism in 2nd Wave, but unfortunately it was never taken. Now these entitled harpies are wearing the pants, and we are suffering for it.

Your Freedom

Man Caves and Why They’re Wrong

Yes, man caves are wrong, but not in the way you may think.

Let’s say you get married, move into a home with your wife (on your dollar because 9/10 she won’t be footing even half the bill.) Few years pass, and before you even realized what was going on, the whole place is painted pink! She has other wives or single mothers over every weekend to host a book reading club, and so the couches are used up. You can’t watch the game!

So now what? You make a man cave. It can be in a spare room, the garage, the attic, anywhere that’s convenient. But wait, something’s wrong.

Okay, this explanation is exaggerated, but if the key concept of the man cave exists, there has to be some truth to it, right? Right. I lived in this very same precarious situation, but the one in the relationship was between my father and a co-worker, me being younger at the time, I suffered the insufferable middle aged wench who couldn’t move out of her mother’s house. And surprise surprise! She was a single mother.

I hated her and her daughter, and so I relegated myself to my bedroom, and almost never left unless I either wanted to greet my dad (which most of the time wasn’t worth the risk) or it was dinner time. I never left under any other circumstances.

In essence, my bedroom (at the time) was my man cave. A TV, my trusty Macbook Pro 2011, and lots of time to kill on World of Warcraft and its equivalents. It got so bad that I had my mother drop off food caches so that I would physically have no reason to leave unless I wanted to use the bathroom.

This was happening when I was 16, though the relationship was going on for years prior.

The point I’m getting at is that no, a man should never have to build a “Man cave” in his own house. My father had one too, no joke! It was small and modest, but was decorated with flights of purple and gold for his basketball team, the Los Angeles Lakers. I damn pity it was knowing he had to set up a camp in a house he could barely afford rent on because of his useless girlfriend.

While nowadays I’m still living in my bedroom, I can leave comfortably knowing that only my father is on the other side of the door.

Men, don’t allow anyone, not just a woman, move you into a house inside a house. The house is your man cave, and you damn well better let her know that.

Your Freedom

Grid Girls Vs. Cathy Newman

Around a week ago I watched yet another terrible interview by Cathy Newman, someone I’m sure surprised you with her stupidity before. Here’s a link to the most recent thing I viewed.

The Story

The topic here was “Colored Immigration.” Knowing how Ms. Newman is, it’s no surprise that this discussion quickly goes south when she tried to slam the gentlemen featured here as racist. Judging from the way he was speaking, he simply could not contend with her constant virtue signaling.

Why Does This Matter?

Remember the Grid Girls topic I wrote about a week or so ago? Innocent women being fired from their jobs, at the hands of feminism, because their occupations do not fit the “Feminist Image”? Well look here, a woman who has no idea how to do her job, Ms. Newman, who interrupts the guest constantly and spouts nonsense (like our buddy Don Lemon from CNN.) And yet, Grid Girls who actually know how to do their jobs are penalized.

My Opinions

I’m not surprised, really I’m not. I have my doubts she will even be penalized for her misconduct. I don’t even want her fired out of malice, it’s just because she does not know what she’s doing. If I was an interviewer, I would allow the guest to speak, and have a proper conversation without being rude. Obviously she did not get the memo.

If you ask me, within a week’s time she will come out with another video-gone-viral for all the wrong reasons. Then I’ll be here again writing something about her.

This is a call back to what I mentioned about women thinking with emotions instead of logic, generally. It’s why you rarely see them in politics.

Your Freedom

You Are Your Own Author

Life is your book, from start to finish. The people you interact with are characters. You yourself are the main one. What the others become is up to you.

In the humble beginnings of a high fantasy pseudo sci-fi story I began writing, I came up with this topic. I thought it would be worth discussing, seeing as people nowadays spend far too much time caring about what other people think.

I used to be like this, in my pursuit of women only just a few years ago. The blue pill was in my blood, and I did not realize until relatively recently that I hated it. I gave the girls the pen of which would write the words to my story. My happiness and internal well being was put into their hands- and I made it happen.

First they’ll ask you why you’re doing it, later they’ll ask you how you did it.

I am currently within this phase, of being asked why. “Why don’t you want to date? Aren’t you afraid of dying alone?”

My response is “Well shit, we all share the coffin by ourselves at the end of the day, so what?”

Grim, but when was the last time you ever seen someone get buried with someone else in the same trot of dirt?

Look, we men have better things to do. Whatever that is is up to you. If you want a woman, no one is in a position to stop you. That’s what MGTOW means. Mental independence, and often physical as well.

Go your own way. It’s your path, walk it as you please.

Your Freedom


This is a pretty classic one, to be certain. All Women Are Like That Vs. Not All Women Are Like That.

Considering the venue of which I speak from, it’s fairly obvious to any that have spent even a small length of time in the MGTOW community that NAWALT’s (commonly characterized as being simps and blue pill men) have a shoddy reputation- but what if I said NAWALT’s are true, in a sense?

It all comes down to basic numbers. Clearly, 100% are not the gold digging Can’t Understand Normal Thinkers that we are often exposed to on the regular basis. I think anyone can agree with that. However, to say that it’s worth chasing a woman even if there is a “chance” is absurd, because the chances of any actual success are so minuscule that it’s not even worth pursuing. Does anyone remember the 80/20 rule? Where 80% of the women in society wants 20% of the men (the rich and powerful, unrealistically handsome, and so on.) Whereas this is paralleled by the fact that even an average looking chick can, with some effort, have guys swarming her like flies on shit?

Okay, maybe I got a bit graphic there, but you understand. When I say these things, I mean them in general. Obviously there will be exceptions, but we wouldn’t get anywhere in life going just on exceptions. “Not all sharks bite!” Or some such.

Look, while NAWALT is numerically true, AWALT is the safer mind set. Just please don’t act like an ass just because she’s a woman, lest we won’t be any different than feminists. At least wait for her to screw up first. Until then, defer to my previous post about Ghosting.

Your Freedom

Criminalizing Sexist Speech – Crazy Cathy

The Report

We all know Crazy Cathy, the feminist who is, well, bloody crazy. She’s actually one of my favorites, since no matter how many insane bouts of nonsense she creates for herself, she still shows up on national Television to express her ideas to the US.

I seriously do not know why Tucker keeps interviewing her, but hey, it’s hilarious!

As the title suggests, she came on to talk about sexist speech, against women (predictably.) Apparently she thinks that saying something sexist about women is deserving of a felony charge! The thing you will notice about the video too is that she makes no effort to acknowledge women’s responsibility too. What do I mean? Essentially, women also committing sexist acts against men. She does not even elude to it at all. Just complete silence.

Then again, I’m sure the stars would align before a feminist actually gives a damn about men’s rights.

My Opinions

Stupid, is what it is. This gives the impression that we are in the beginnings of an Orwellian 1984 society. If people like this are truly advocating for the imprisonment of a certain class (in this case, men) simply for saying something offensive, how long before we end up like our buddies over in North Korea?

This is why I hold fast to the idea that feminism should have stopped at the second wave. I truly do not understand the purpose (if there even is one) of third wave feminism.

“But it’s only one woman! Not all feminists are like that!”

Sure, not 100% of them, but still too many to not be considered a problem. It’s just like dating, modern liberalism, blue pill beta providers, just to name a few.

Look, I usually try to avoid the political side of things, but this fit so well with the reason why the Red Pill is one of the last saving graces men can grasp at. I could not just sit here and not say anything.

On that note, the USA is going nowhere, and fast. I happen to live in one of the hardcore blue states, and it sucks, because these problems run a higher risk of impacting more than if I was in, say, Texas. Knowing how society is though, it’s never going to condemn feminism and sexism against men. It’s never going to fix the family court system, it’s never going to address male suicide (which I was almost a victim of myself, but not for the same reasons.) The public school system will always screw over and drug boys for “Hyperactivity Problems.”

Let your voice be heard, men. Speak out against these injustices. Or, if you prefer, go MGTOW and walk away from society. If I can live almost disconnected from it aside from my measly internet connection and need for groceries, then you can too. But of course, only if you want to. You are MGTOW after all right?